Artists Statement

Selena Zontos

I am a Santa Cruz based artist. I live, work, and create here. Like all artists, art has been a part of my life from the beginning, it simply defines my existence. I have a BFA in pictorial arts from San Jose State which enabled me to tap into the conceptual aspect of my creativity and opened my eyes as to the purpose of art in my life.

My work has evolved into an Urban style in the process and in the images themselves. I have developed many of my own painting techniques stemming from a watercolor background. I now combine a graffiti style and a painting process all my own to recreate the images from my mind. The lines are honest and unedited just as they were intended. The process of painting happens quickly for me as if capturing the paint in motion. My work is inspired by Santa Cruz; the town, the people, the entire vibe, its where the ocean meets the mountains.

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Rachel Nigh

I am a resident artist of Santa Cruz, California where I spend most of my professional time painting public and private murals, illustrating books, composing music, creating graphic designs, painting window displays and writing.

I am an active supporter of an organization called iSanctuary which helps restore victims of human trafficking all over the world and I am pleased that my art can help raise awareness and prevention of human trafficking.

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