Customer Testimonials

Customer experiences using indeegear®

“I work in marketing, and I travel about 40 weeks out of the year, so I have literally no time to waste when I arrive at the airport. My indeegear® has made it a breeze to identify my suitcase as it comes around the belt, and I love that I am able to pick up a new sleeve in the cities that I visit.” (Morgan V, FWC Sports)


“I’m a frequent flyer and I have flown about every week for the past two years with my indeegear®. My suitcases have to be replaced once or twice a year just because of wear and tear, but my indeegear® strap is still going strong! The embroidery on the sleeves is so detailed, it’s truly a high quality product and going to last me forever. And, it’s made in the U.S.A.!” (Meredith M)


"indeegear has been an awesome product. I love sporting the specialty sleeves and belt on my luggage because it truly sets mine apart from others. There are a lot to choose from so it makes it fun for my family to pick their favorites to display on their luggage!  We all find our luggage quickly at the carousel!" (Cindy C)


“I love collecting all of the sleeves for my indeegear® strap, and my favorite part is that I can move them from my luggage to my camera strap when I’m not traveling for a bit. Everyone always asks where I got it from, and my friends have had a lot of fun individualizing their luggage!” (Sarah G)


"I love indeegear for multiple reasons!!! No longer do I hunt for my luggage on the carousel, the patches are beautifully embroidered and remind us of our travels.  The sleeves are a work of art and best of all Made in America!!!  Don't leave home with out it!!!" (Suzanne H)


"My wife and I were taking advantage of a very short stop in London on our way home from Switzerland, so I was happy and surprised when she was able to spot her luggage because of her indeegear® on it from FOUR carousels away!" (Ron S)