indeegear® introduces a new way for you to Make A Statement and remember the special moments in your life… memories of how much fun you’ve had on your vacations, the joy of doing something you love, supporting a cause, or showing an accomplishment are just some of the ways that make you unique.

By collecting and adding your choices of embroidered sleeves from a growing collection of designs onto your indeegear® luggage belt, backpack, duffle bag, golf bag, board bag or other 2 inch strapping, you and your gear will stand out from the others.  Custom designs are available. Each time you look at your indeegear® collection, you will enjoy a special memory.

The air-lock buckle included in the indeegear® belt design provides an additional line of security when you use a TSA approved cable lock.

indeegear® is patent-pending and Made in America.